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Public Safety Corporation is proud to announce we are now a CentralSquare company

CryWolf reduces the time and effort required to process false alarms.

CryWolf tracks false alarms, processes invoices, collects payments and simplifies false alarm management for jurisdictions of all sizes.

How Does CryWolf Work

How Does CryWolf®
Software Work?

CryWolf integrates with your CAD/RMS to automate false alarm processing, preserving your resources for true emergencies.

Cost of False Alarms

How Much Are False Alarms Costing You?

CryWolf supports the collection of hundreds of millions of dollars in alarm permit and false alarm fees nationwide.

3 Ways to Implement CryWolf

3 Ways To Launch 
At Your Agency

​        1.  Outsource CryWolf
        2.  CryWolf On-Demand (SaaS)
        3.  Install CryWolf

Unparalleled Software With Exceptional Support

Check out what CryWolf clients have to say about CryWolf and our exceptional customer support services.

What Are False Alarms Costing Your Agency?

Governments continually ask public safety agencies to do more with less. False alarms decrease the amount of time officers spend responding to true emergencies and reduce the staff available for crime prevention.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)  responded to 41,848 false alarm calls,  a 59.2% decrease in nine years. This decrease represents approximately 45,500 hours of officer and dispatcher time annually.  In 2003, before a new city ordinance was in place, LAPD responded to 102,532 false alarm calls.

At the end of fiscal 2015, the Warner Robins, GA Police department had responded to 3,423 false alarms at businesses and 2,855 false alarms at residences. The calls consumed the equivalent time of two full-time officers for a year.

In 2012, the Atlanta Police Department responded to 65,000 alarm system activations, 95% were false alarms or alarms that were cancelled in route. With every call taking an average of 20-30 minutes, the equivalent of 8-12 full-time police officers' time was wasted responding to false alarms.

CryWolf® Can Help Your Agency...


Nationwide, CryWolf clients report processing rates as high as 250 violations in 40 minutes.


CryWolf clients report 30% – 50% increase in the number of permits after deploying CryWolf solutions.​


CryWolf clients report 40% - 80% or higher reductions in false alarms.


CryWolf clients benefit from collection rates of 75%, 80%, 85% and higher.

Public Safety Corporation - A CentralSquare Company

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