Sunday, June 26, 2016
"The extensive features in CryWolf demonstrate that Public Safety Corporation truly understands the needs of false alarm units."

Shellie Reid
Loudon County, Virginia

Whether CryWolf is installed at your agency or you contract with us to manage your alarm program, CryWolf provides the following features and benefits to manage false alarm administration including: alarm permit registration, tracking, and status changes; false alarm correspondence, invoicing, and accounts receivable management; hearing and appeal adjudication; and statistical and financial management reporting.  
  • Web-based Access for Agency, Citizens and Alarm Companies
  • Patented System Architecture Built on Microsoft .NET Technology 
  • Dispatch and Mobile Officer Access of Alarm Site Information
  • CAD and Financial System Integration
  • Alarm System Registrations/Permits
  • Alarm Company Information
  • Alarm Tracking and Processing
  • Billings and Payments
  • Letters, Invoices and Reports
  • Alarm Statistics and Mapping
  • Hearing and Appeals Support
  • Maintenance and Set-up Program
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