Saturday, June 25, 2016
"The customer service staff is so knowledge about false alarm processing, extremely helpful with questions or concerns, and accommodates each jurisdiction’s specific needs and requirements."

Deanna Perkins
Wichita, Kansas

CryWolf is currently used on an outsourced basis by more than 75 agencies across the United States, many of these large agencies with populations up to 4,000,000 that process as many as 100,000 false alarms annually. Based on our experience, we are confident that CryWolf will generate higher collections and reduce your false alarms. 

  • No Financial Investment Required:  We obtain payment exclusively from the revenue CryWolf helps generate. There is no upfront systems development, licensing, conversion, or equipment costs. 
  • Customized Program: All correspondence and invoices are in agency-specific format and letterhead. Our customer support representatives respond to your citizen and business inquiries using agency-approved customized scripts to ensure accurate and consistent response, professional and courteous service, and transparent outsource operation.
  • Collections and Payment Processing: With nearly 4 million false alarm violations processed annually, Public Safety Corporation is the proven industry leader in alarm billing and collection processing. Bills are generated and payments are processed daily and financial information can be immediately shared with external financial systems.
  • Interact with Alarm Companies:  CryWolf can electronically transfer alarm information between alarm companies and alarm programs and provide alarm companies access to a website portal to access and update information about their customers.
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