Friday, June 24, 2016
"CryWolf is the false alarm ‘assistant’ I will never have!"

Tammy Foxworthy
Olathe, Kansas

Regardless of the quantity of the alarms or the size of the agency, responding to and managing false alarms puts officers at risk and wastes thousands of taxpayer dollars.  Law enforcement agencies can now enter, track, and manage false alarms through CryWolf On-Demand, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach hosted by Public Safety Corporation designed specifically to assist smaller agencies in enforcing false alarm ordinances.  
CryWolf On-Demand's cloud computing model provides access to proven false alarm management functionality in a reliable, secure environment without the agency investing in hardware and database management.

  • Cost Effective:  For most agencies, the low monthly subscription fee can be secured from operating budgets eliminating the need for capital expenditure approval or a lengthy procurement process.  Subscriptions are available on a monthly basis; no annual contract is required.
  • Manage Your Alarm Program Today:  Begin more effectively managing your false alarms and increasing fee and fine collections today, no lengthy project implementation effort is required. 
  • Major Features and Functions:  CryWolf On-Demand provides a comprehensive feature set that addresses alarm system tracking and permitting, alarm company tracking, false alarm noticing and billing, accounts receivable management, activity and financial reporting, hearing and appeals, and fee/fines payment processing.
  • Technical Requirements:  One or more PC workstations with internet access using current browser version (Internet Explorer 7 or above recommended), locally connected printer, mailing supplies, including #10 windowed envelopes.
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