Sunday, June 26, 2016

Public Safety Corporation leveraged the experience and technical expertise gained through our successful deployment of CryWolf to develop additional applications to meet the critical needs of public safety agencies.

Licensing and Permitting  

Tracking and managing permit applications for most cities is tedious, time consuming, and inefficient. Medallion license and permits management solution automates and simplifies the application and approval process for permits of all types. Medallion supports an unlimited number of license and permit types, generates the application, tracks the approval process, and manages renewal periods. With Medallion, you can quickly and easily consolidate your permit administration and eliminate the cumbersome task of managing often disparate paper processes.

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Investigative Cost Recovery

Some law enforcement agencies can take advantage of current legislation that allows them to recoup taxpayer monies spent on defendant prosecution. Our Cost Recovery tracking system can help your agency accurately track and recapture these costs. Cost recovery efforts can recoup public funds spent to arrest and prosecute defendants including costs incurred by law enforcement, fire, and departments of financial services.

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Parking Citation and Payment Tracking

If your agency spends countless hours writing citations and enforcing parking regulations, adopting a local parking ordinance may help you agency retain all of the fines collected. Our Parking Citation and Payment Tracking system can streamline the tedious task of processing citations and tracking payments, and by incorporating your local ordinance business rules, this system can assist your agency in administering its own parking program to maximize citation revenues.

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