Friday, July 1, 2016
Since 1999, CryWolf false alarm management solutions have been chosen by more than 230 agencies supporting approximately 450 cities, counties and other municipalities throughout the United States and Canada. These agencies range in population from less than 20,000 to nearly 4,000,000, and process between 1,500 and 100,000 false alarms annually. In every case, PSC technology and services have helped agencies reduce false alarms, increase collections, and improve alarm processing.  With CryWolf as your false alarm reduction partner, your agency will benefit from our extensive qualifications.

"CryWolf is an extremely effective and user friendly program for processing false alarms. Public Safety Corporation provides outstanding support and on-going customer service."

Katherine Rudover
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • No financial risk. There is no up-front cost to your agency—we obtain payment exclusively from the collected revenue CryWolf helps generate. 
  • Patented false alarm management technology. Our CryWolf technology combines extensive functionality and 100% web-enabled citizen, alarm company and agency access.
  • Extensive alarm program experience than any other company. Our successful track record shows that we know and understand the business of false alarms and have successfully resolved the challenges agencies face with their alarm program. 
  • Proven ability to implement and manage both false alarm software installation and administer false alarm programs. This flexibility provides agencies the unique opportunity to consider an alarm reduction strategy that evolves as your business needs change with the assistance of a single company.
  • Operational interfaces and active business partnerships with many public safety industry vendors. Our tight integration to CAD systems means CryWolf can both process alarm incidents and update the CAD system with permit information unique alarm site conditions. 
  • A project team with extensive law enforcement backgrounds, comprehensive technical expertise, and broad alarm management experience. This team has with more experience implementing false alarm administration services projects than any other company.

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False Alarm Ordinance Trends

CryWolf supports even the most complex alarm ordinance provisions and can easily adapt to policy changes. Based on our experience implementing false alarm reduction programs for dozens of agencies, we can assist your agency in developing or revising your false alarm ordinance We can discuss many of the latest approaches and trends in ordinances and provide sample ordinances which you can adapt to meet your business needs maximize the effectiveness of your false alarm reduction program.

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